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I Help You

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The Coaching Timeline

What You Can Expect When You Reach Out

The Complimentary Coaching Call

Your Section 8 journey starts with a complimentary coaching call! Rhett is eager to learn about who you are, what you're struggling with, and what you are looking to achieve.Once he understands what you need, he can explain exactly how he can help you be successful!

Who will coach you?

You will be coached PERSONALLY by Rhett himself! Rhett has been in your shoes, and understands exactly what kind of time and attention you will require to be successful. Rhett is committed to your growth as much as his own, and can't wait to work with you in a true hand-holding fashion!


What is Coaching like?

Rhett's 1 on 1 program is the MOST effective way to gains years worth of experience in a matter of WEEKS! Everything you do, every decision you make, and every question you have, Rhett will be there for you every step of the way. Unlike all other coaching programs out there, when you need your coach, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call, text, email, facetime, whatever you need! There is no need to set up or schedule calls a week in advance! When you need Rhett, he's there for you!

What will we cover?

Absolutely everything! You will have DIRECT access to Rhett's personal teams of: Realtors, Contractors, Property Management Companies,Lenders, Insurance Companies, Attorneys, and MORE! Not only will you use Rhett's personal team's, but he will help you facilitate EVERYTHING at every step of the way! Rhett has teams in 17 cities across the U.S, and has clients who live in the USA, Canada, Japan, London, Dubai,New Zealand, Australia, and Turkey!


What results can you expect?

Here are only SOME of the results you can expect:
1.You can expect to feel prepared, confident, and in control of the portfolio that you are building, WITHOUT the anxiety of nerves of building a rental portfolio from out-of-state.

2. Things will move FAST! You will be a real estate investor before you know it! There is absolutely no messing around. If you aren't ready to pull the trigger just yet, this might not be the program for you. We are about ACTION here!

3. You will be in communication with TOP LEADERS in the industry. The realtors, management companies, contractors, lenders, insurance companies, and everyone else on your team SPECIALIZE In section 8 real estate investing. Rhett's teams have done THOUSANDS of these units over the last 10 years.

4. There will be no situations that you won't be able to handle. Rhett will hold your hand through absolutely everything. You will not only learn how to scale your portfolio rapidly, but you will also learn how to create the most profitable rental properties possible!


When is a good time to start?

Now! Now! Now!
If you are looking to supplement your income, build longterm wealth, help other human beings, and set yourself up for retirement, what are you waiting for?
If you want to help other people who are less fortunate than you, and make guaranteed income at the same time, what are you waiting for?

If you are looking to leave the Rat race, be your OWN boss, and build something that you can eventually sell for incredible value, or pass down for generations, what are you waiting for?

If you are overwhelmed with the amount of information out there and don't know where to start, you've done all the research and are ready to begin but just don't know how, LET'S START!!!

The Secret Sauce

Why 1 on 1 Coaching

Rhett’s 1 on 1 hand-holding coaching program delivers intimate, immediate, and highly successful consulting services to those who want MORE! Rhett helps his clients build wealth and passive income through custom built plans that are created based on YOUR individual needs, budget, and goals. You will grow a section 8 rental portfolio in record timing, and have cash flowing assets that will give high yield returns, and appreciate for years to come. The results of the coaching program experience will shed success, confidence, and clarity to all other parts of your life. The people that you meet will be in your life for a long time, and you will be changing the lives of others for the better.

The Philosophy

As section 8 real estate investors, we have a large responsibility. We do things the RIGHT way. No slumlords allowed. We understand that every decision we make, whether its as small as what flooring we choose to put in a unit, or what sink faucets we install, we are DIRECTLY impacting the lives of others. This is a responsibility that we DO NOT take lightly, and our investment strategy and decision making process will always reflect the caring of other human beings.

The Team

You are only as good as your team. Investing out-of-state is the hardest thing you could do in real estate, and Rhett's team makes it incredibly easy. Your personal team of realtors, contractors, property management companies, lenders, and insurance companies are SPECIALISTS in section 8, and are great with first time investors. It has taken Rhett YEARS to find the right team members, now they're all yours!

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The Philosophy

Rhett's 1 on 1 coaching program is custom fit to your exact needs. The process is intimate, real, and designed to help • you move rapidly. There is no wasted time, and you will only be dealing with industry leaders at EVERY turn. This process is tried and true, and has helped Rhett's clients onboard over $50,000,000 in successful real estate this year ALONE! We are a well oiled machine, waiting for you to jump aboard and change your life.

The People

Your Coach

Rhett has been building real estate portfolios across the U.S for over 10 years. Starting out doing fix and flips on a large scale us a teenager, Rhett quickly found the value and high yield returns available through investing in section 8 rental properties. Over the last decade, Rhett and his teams have onboarded section 8 units through the purchasing of single family rentals, cashflowing portfolios, small multifamily, large multifamily, and apartment complexes. While building an extremely profitable portfolio of his own, Rhett was also a 3rd round MLB draft pick of the Washington Nationals in 2015. As a professional baseball player with a career spanning 7 seasons, Rhett had to learn the intricacies and hard lessons of how to continue to build his portfolio, while constantly on the road and out-of-state, away from the vast majority of his properties for 7-9 months per year. The trials, tribulations, experience, and failures that Rhett endured in doing this, he is now passing on to his clients to ensure they create a portfolio that Is MISTAKE FREE! There Is no substitute for experience in real estate, and the errors you make are always very costly! A graduate of Vanderbilt University, Rhett is thought to be one of the nation’s leaders on section 8 real estate investing, and to have the most successful section 8 coaching program in the country.

Frequently Asked

All aspects of the coaching program can take place remotely! Whenever you need Rhett he is available to you! The overwhelming majority of Rhett’s clients never even see the properties that they buy. The team you will have working for you will be able to fully onboard and create every aspect of what you need remotely, with Rhett as the main architect!

Rhett will personally coach you himself. You are here because you like him, and that is exactly who you’ll get!

Yes! Rhett has created a 5 module, fully online section 8 landlord certification course. This course is a great lead-up to the 1 on 1 coaching program and will give you the tools you need to be the best section 8 landlord you can be!

Unlike a lot of other real estate coaches who take a percentage of your cashflow every month, or a % of equity in the property, Rhett works hourly! Reach out for more information!

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